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Mr. Russell's Class 2016/2017 participated in the Roots of Empathy programme! The Roots of Empathy programme began in 1996 when Mary Gordon, child advocate and parenting expert, started the program with 150 kids in Toronto, Canada. Her goal was to help create a society where people were kind to one another and thought it would be best to start with children who are just developing their social skills.

The programme
teaches the class to understand other people's feelings - and the class is taught by a baby. By watching and seeing how the baby reacts, we will learn about how to deal with our own feelings. We were delighted to be able to welcome baby Lucy to Mr. Russell's 5th Class for the year. The Roots of Empathy programme runs across 9 themes, with each theme broken into 3 parts - the pre-visit, the Family Visit, and the post-visit. We extend our thanks to the Roots of Empathy organisation, with whose permission we are able to use the logo on our website. Read more about the Roots of Empathy programme on their website.

Click on the links below to see photos from the Family Visit for that theme!

> Theme 1

> Theme 2

> Theme 3

> Theme 4

> Theme 5

> Theme 6

> Theme 7

> Theme 8

> Theme 9

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