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St. Stephen's takes the online safety of our pupils very seriously. You may have seen a number of reports in the media regarding online behaviour and some of the negative consequences. Many devices can now access online content - computers, iPods, iPads, games consoles (such as Playstations, X-Box, PSPs, as well as most other games consoles available), smartphones, tablets and a whole host of other devices not listed here. It is very important all parents/guardians monitor your sons' online activities carefully in order to keep them safe, and explain to your sons why they shouldn't post personal information such as their real name, address etc. online.

The internet is a very valuable resource, but it also has some inappropriate content for children. In St. Stephen's, we take every reasonable precaution to ensure that the internet resources that are used and online activities that our pupils engage in are safe and educational. Internet sessions are always supervised by a teacher and filtering software is used in order to minimise the risk of exposure to inappropriate material.

We have made some resources available for reading (thanks to Webwise.ie) The first is a document about "Netiquette" - behaviour while online. You can view that file to the right. THINK is a poster which asks you questions before you post online - view that on the right also. PDST (formerly the National Council for Technology in Education) produced a poster for pupils about being wise on the internet, which can also be viewed on the right. And Webwise.ie also has a Family e-Safety Kit looking at security, communication, entertainment and downloading and cyberbullying, as well as some background information on these topics. Click here to visit this page on the Webwise website (please note that St. Stephen's is not and cannot be held responsible for any content on the Webwise website; the link provided here is for informational purposes only.)

Below is a list of websites with some helpful information for staying e-safe:
please note that St. Stephen's is not and cannot be held responsible for the content of these websites, which are provided here only as a reference and information point for parents and guardians. The websites below and the content they contain are the sole responsibility of the website providers.)

Please also note that clicking any of these links will open that website in a new window.
www.webwise.ie - an information site for parents and teachers alike with resources, advice and plenty of information about potential dangers online
www.childline.ie - some issues of child safety from ISPCC
www.npc.ie - the website for the National Parents Council (Primary)
www.internetsafety.ie - provides a parents' guide to new media, filtering, social networking websites and a guide to cyberbullying

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