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Here in St. Stephen's De La Salle, we were absolutely DELIGHTED to welcome 100 Word Challenge Founder and Curator, Julia Skinner, to our school on the 100wc Emerald Tour in April 2016!

Julia is very passionate about writing and developing a love for writing - which led to the 100 Word Challenge. Julia spoke to Mr. Russell's Class, who have been doing the 100 Word Challenge since September, about what the 100WC is all about - and the boys were able to give some feedback too! They talked about the different kinds of prompts, which ones were their favourites, and how to write a good story. Mr. Morris came to meet Julia, and then, Sam B's mam came to meet Julia too, and was presented with a certificate of appreciation, for all the commenting that she does every week!

After that, Ms Flynn's 5th Class and Mr. O'Sullivan's 3rd Class joined Mr. Russell's Class and Julia, and they all walked to Mount Sion to meet with Ms Whelan's 6th Class, as well as a number of other classes in Mount Sion. When they had all gathered in the hall, there were over 200 pupils there - all with one intention: to learn more about the 100 Word Challenge and to improve writing skills. It was an enormous event! Tommy and Cristian joined some boys from Ms Whelan's Class, and read their favourite 100wc stories, and spoke about how 100wc has transformed their writing.

Julia then introduced the prompt for the following week, and took some ideas from eager boys all over the hall. Everyone then wrote a 100wc story! Some of the boys read theirs to the audience, before Julia was presented with a book containing some favourite 100wc stories, and a hurley and sliotar as a memento of her visit.

It was a truly amazing day, to see 200 pupils from our school and from Mount Sion coming together to improve our writing. Thanks to Ms Whelan and Mount Sion for organising the hall - and to Julia, who travelled from Bristol in England, to speak with all of us about 100 Word Challenge.

Check out a selection of photos in the gallery below!

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