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History is always so interesting... so when you add in some interactive fun, along with Mr. Fitzgerald's 3rd Class and Mr. Russell's 4th Class, you get a wonderful afternoon at the Waterford City Central Library in Lady Lane!

The annual Children's Book Festival can always be counted on for very enjoyable activities to bring books, reading, history - in fact, any subject - alive! The boys in 3rd and 4th were mesmerised for almost an hour as they heard about how World War I began, and all the major events that took place, along with a hint at the beginnings of World War II. To further heighten the enjoyment of an already fascinating talk, a lot of boys were chosen to play the parts of various historical characters. This meant some dressing up and posing with some weaponry!

Check out the gallery below featuring the boys from Mr. Fitzgerald's 3rd Class and Mr. Russell's 4th Class on their trip to Central Library for the Children's Book Festival 2014! (Click on the thumbnails to enlarge them!)

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