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The people behind the 100 Word Challenge select a small number of stories to be featured on the 100 Word Showcase. These stories are picked from around the world each week!

Here in 5th Class 2017/2018, we're very lucky to have had several stories featured on the 100 Word Showcase! Read all of the Showcase stories below, along with the date that they featured on the 100 Word Showcase:

100 Word Showcase: September 21st, 2017:

"The Day of Terror" by Peter

One day in a research lab in Denmark some scientists were messing around with bacteria. Little did they know it would wipe out the whole human species. The next day started to experience some symtoms like sneezing and coughing. Then the next day it was extreme hunger and weight loss. Then the next day they went to the hospital. They did`nt know what to do it got worse and worse within days they were dead but they woke up but as zombies. It spread very very quickly and the population dropped  and the last survivors knew they were watching the end. So what lies ahead of the world!

100 Word Showcase: September 28th, 2017:

"The Prankster That Got Cursed" by Collins

One night two teenagers wanted to do a prank that people won’t forget.  They thought for a minute finally they got idea to destroy the first bottle that was made in the world . In a tale who every breaks it will be the same size as it and will very ugly,  They didn’t know about it. They sneaked to town, Took and destroyed it.  They went home, After they went to bed few hours later they woke up saw that the bed so big. Suddenly  he looked at himself in mirror and say he was tiny and that he was uglier then a pig he never told anybody and nobody ever  saw he again.

100 Word Showcase: September 28th, 2017:

"The Ghost House" by Ben Q

It was Halloween night me and my friends Jake, Kayden and Bob went on a massive trick or treating hunt. We got so many sweets that our buckets were overloaded. We needed somewhere quiet to stuff our faces with sweets and chocolate. Kayden suggested to go to the abandoned house near the graveyard. As we walked in the floorboards creaked and we looked at each other with fear but we still continued on. We had just settled down to eat our sweets when we heard glass break and a loud scream . The lads turned around laughing because the scream had come from me.

100 Word Showcase: September 28th, 2017:

"The Magical Bulb" by Josh

It is 2am everyone in the house is fast asleep, the toy box is shaking and rattling, the top opens and out pops two csi agents Eugene and Jimmy. Eugene lassoed a rope around the light bulb, both the agents grab the rope and swing like monkeys across the room.  Suddenly there is a loud crack, the agents fall to the floor followed by the light bulb which smashed into millions of tiny pieces. Eugene stood in shock while Jimey lay in a sea of green marble balls. The bulb was broke but all the smashed coloured glass glowed like a million glow sticks…………….to be continued

100 Word Showcase: October 12th, 2017:

"Izzy and the Nuts" by Ben Q

Once was a dog named Izzy. Izzy was no ordinary dog, she was a secret agent. Oh and the dog is wearing glasses but they are special glasses they were spy glasses. Izzy was trying to find Doctor Nutty the evil squirrel who lived in a secret bunker under the trees in the park. Doctor Nutty wants to control all the squirrels in the world by stealing all the nuts he can find. Izzy searched everywhere in the park and by using her x ray glasses she found the secret bunker and the millions of nuts that he had stolen. She looked for Doctor Nutty but he was nowhere to be found maybe she can capture him another day?

100 Word Showcase: October 19th, 2017:

"My Most Precious Item" by Isaac

It lies in a cage. it has a water drip and a food bowl. It’s small and fat with stubby legs a small nose and whiskers. This things love to run in a little spinning wheel and loves food especially nuts and cabbage. It’s fluffy and smooth. It’s name is Mr. Whiskers because he has lots of whiskers also it comes out sometimes I just have to keep it safe cuddled up in my arms because my other pets might try eat it. This item is very precious to me and if I lose it I will be very sad.

100 Word Showcase: November 30th, 2017:

"The King's Quest" by Fortune

Once upon a time, there were two vigorous audacious men that worked for a king called Conradh and they were in a land called Porcipiqous. By the way the two strong brave men are called Jumping Joey and Brainy Ben. Conradh the king heard that there was a treasure in a weird-looking viking statue. Conradh sent the two vigorous audacious men to accomplish his quest in the dark scary forest. The next day, Jumping Joey and Brainy Ben set off to the dark scary forest. They had to face some traps like hole traps and imperceptible traps but thankgod they’re vigorous and audacious so they overcomed it. After all the traps, Jumping Joey and Brainy Ben finally found the weird-looking statue and there were 10,000 gold coins in it. The two men brought the gold coins to the king to complete his quest. The king was happy that he gave half his land to them.

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