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The people behind the 100 Word Challenge select a small number of stories to be featured on the 100 Word Showcase. These stories are picked from around the world each week!

5th Class 2016/2017 were lucky to have several stories featured on the 100 Word Showcase! Read all of the Showcase stories below, along with the date that they featured on the 100 Word Showcase:

100 Word Showcase: September 15th, 2016:

"El Classico 1000" by Evan

Today I woke up.  I was so excited because Real Madrid were playing Barcelona for their 1000th time. They were playing up in space and I thought, Well what a start! So i turned on the TV, and settled on the couch for the kick off

In the first minute Real Madrid scored. At half time the score was 1- nil. Barcelona tipped off when Messi ran passed the team and scored. All square now, when Ronaldo gets the ball but Messi intercepts and goes for an overhead kick. The ball hits off a spaceship and rockets into the top corner.

The End 2-1!!

100 Word Showcase: September 22nd, 2016:

"Hurling Final" by JJ

I was in Croke Park it was a sunny afternoon.It was Sunday. It was Waterford vs Tipperary, the first Sunday of September. Myself, my dad and my mother travelled to Croke Park to see my brother play for Waterford. It was a beautiful day, no better day for Waterford to win the All Ireland. My dad had told me before we left that we hadnt one an All Ireland in many years, even Arsenal had won a trophy during that period of time… Walking to my seat i could hear the announcer name the teams and i heard my brother being called out! I was so proud!! As soon as the ball was thrown in i heard the clash of the hurleys and before I knew it, i woke up in my bed and got ready for school.. What a dream!

100 Word Showcase: September 22nd, 2016:

"Charlie and the BFG" by Karim

Charlie he lived with his parents and grandparents in a small house. One night he dreamed about living in a world with no limits. He dreamt that his grandparents were young and his parents had everything they wanted. Suddenly he heard a magnificent sneeze! He jumped out of bed and saw the Bfg. He was about to scream but the Bfg said “I can give you, your parents and grandparents everything you want just let me go. You can call me anytime you want”. “Ok ” said Charlie. With a click of the Bfg’s finger everything they wanted magically happened and the Bfg was gone aswell ” Thank you” said Charlie.

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl

100 Word Showcase: October 6th, 2016:

"Welcome to MI9" by Dylan

“YOU MUST STOP THE PINK TEACHER NOW”said my new boss Stella who little did we know was the crime minister.So I ran to the janitors closet and did my finger scan and drilled a hole quietly to fix the lift.Frank (my new misson leader)said”meet mega giraffe he’s a hightec robo giraffe.I say”cool”.I take out my spypod and download the mega animals app.We run out the secret exit and look for the pink teacher.I say to Rose(one of the mi high teammates)”Stella has been acting strange lately”.Yeah Dylan I agree said Rose”Suddenly I have an idea and take out my face swap app and I compare Stella with the crime minister and it shows that they are the same person……. to be continued

100 Word Showcase: October 13th, 2016:

"The Click" by Sam

As I went outside to get my post the door locked and then the locked clicked!!.And  to my horror I looked down and I was in my underwear. Then when the shock left I looked up and a girls party was going on  across the road. They were all laughing at me. The only option was to get the ladder and climb in the window. Just as I got in the window a gardai caught my leg and I was brought off in the paddy wagon to the station, and there I had to explain that it was my home.

100 Word Showcase: November 17th, 2016:

"The Graveyard Adventure" by Shane

One summers night ,there were these three boys having a sleepover. The city that they all live in is called Sure city and legend says that every night in a graveyard near where the boys live,the ghosts of the people that have died come to life.So that night the boys all went out at 2:30 am, they headed for the graveyard and watched as the graves began to open up. Out came the ghosts and as the boys hid they watched them all head out the graveyard gate and down the road. The boys followed them as  they wandered around the neighbourhood, they looked like they were going somewhere, but where were they going?… to be continued!

100 Word Showcase: December 1st, 2016:

"Frog Legs Gone Wrong" by Sam

The year was 1920 in the month of February and it was a stormy day on our film set, and we were making a film and it was going to be called Frog Legs. We were waiting on our special delivery from the local artist of a large pot with several legs coming out of it when we heard that there had been a terrible crash and the legs were scattered all over the town, so all the public had to gather up all the legs and they put them in a big pot in the middle of the town square, and to this day in 2016 the pot still remains in city square with all the legs.

100 Word Showcase: December 8th, 2016:

"The Simple Orange" by Sam

Hi there I am a crocodile hunter, my job is to recapture and put the crocodiles safely back in there habitat. I received a call from      Disney Land Florida to say that a crocodile had escaped their     enclosure and it was causing chaos  in the Wide Aqua Land Park. Within a moment i was there, people were collapsed with the fear of the crocodile. People think that I capture the crocodiles with guns and nets, but the best solution to capture them is with a simple orange. People don’t realise that crocodiles love the taste of an orange. I lured the crocodile within minutes into the enclosure with an simple orange.

100 Word Showcase: December 22nd, 2016:

"The Wish" by Ed

Once me and my class were blasted off to New Zealand by the class computer  where he said he wanted to see us in the wild . In his robot body he brought us to Robot central where we met Agent C. “How did you get here and why? ” I said. ” “Well this is a teleportation/time machine called the magnadoodle, and I came here because you guys had a video call here and I came to visit them. But that’s all besides the point I can make one persons wish come true and it will be yours.” He looked at me.” In 2017 I hope for simple peace .

100 Word Showcase: February 2nd, 2017:

"The Odd Duck" by Evan

One day me and my friend Billy went to the park to feed the ducks. On the way down the path , we saw an odd looking duck in the fountain. We found a stick on the ground and we hooked the duck out. It was made out of steel and I put it in my backpack. We fed the real ducks carrots and ran home to have a look at what we found. Billy put the duck on the table and his dog jumped up to eat it. Suddenly the duck shot mauve lasers out of it mouth and the dog ran under the table with a tearful face.

100 Word Showcase: February 23rd, 2017:

"The Murderer is ? " by Lennon

I was here in this strange house. In this house 150 years ago there was a murder. Me and my little sister were going in. We were in the corrider of murder. It was my mission to find out who did it. And suddenly all the lights went out and my sister fell to the ground. I was so scared. All of a sudden a man came out of nowhere. I saw that face before…. It was mine, all those years trying to find out who the murderer was. Then a girl just like my sister appeared and she was carrying a knife…….what was going on?

100 Word Showcase: March 9th, 2017:

"The Lost Shop" by Bartek

I was there, the street was empty. The yellow sign said ‘Billy’s Bakery’. I grabbed the rusty handle and walked in gingerly. It was remarkable how the outside of the Bakery is all dirty but the inside is pretty clean. I walked  further into the shop and I finally found what I wanted… the office of the bakery. I saw a nice phone on the table…I wanted to take it, however..I discovered a steel safe. The safe was open… I opened it and I took the thing I wanted……It was the recipe for the delicious, crusty bread. I made the bread  at home and everybody was complementing me and I started to sell my bread.

100 Word Showcase: March 30th, 2017:

"The Leprechaun" by Caedyn

Once upon a time there was a leprechaun in Waterford . He played tricks on the smartest minds in the world . He could trick people  into giving  money  to him . He stashed money under a tree in a field of trees . He had a red sock on the tree stashed with money . The leprechaun could live for ever if he trick one hundred people in one year . But how can something so tiny be so smart.  I just don ,t under stand how a leprechaun can out smart the smartest minds in the world .

100 Word Showcase: May 11th, 2017:

"A Slimy Situation" by Ed

Me and my friend Jack always walk by the abandoned ,slime lab . Multiple times Jack tried to persuade me to go but I always said .”Nu Hu , I don’t do slime ,I ain’t going in there .”That’s how it always was until that day.The day when Jack said “Okay ,I’m going in either way.” I gave in and followed him . “You know I heard the scientist that used to work here was mad .”I said . But then I spilt a slime. I tried to clean it up with my jumper but the slime dripped through it .Then it was revealed that the slime was a person, a person that was about to eat me. The slime was…

100 Word Showcase: May 11th, 2017:

"Chernobyl" by Adam

One day at a power plant in Chernobyl there was a horrible  accident. Over night, one of the containers wasn’t being looked after and the slime dripped through the rings on the container. This caused horrible amounts of radiation. So everyone that lived near the power plant had to evacuate. After the accident you were aloud to go back and take some of your belongings. But you would only be aloud yo stay, without a gas mask on, for an hour. If you stayed any longer you would get a radiation disease and die in a few years time. Still to this day, kids from Chernobyl are being sent to Ireland for medical attention.

100 Word Showcase: June 8th, 2017:

"The House Fire" by Shane

When I was just two months old both my parents past away in a fire. I was a lonely child and I was the only    person saved, but got badly burned. Now I live with my grandparents only a block away from my old house.      Today is the anniversary of the fire and im going back to the old house to explore it. there is a terrible chill in there. Suddenly i heard a BANG. and in the flash of   lightning i saw my parents with a new child. But that new child was actually me. i could see in to the past.

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