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Our 1st Classes went to Winterval - but they didn't just go to one or two events at Winterval... no, no, no. They did a litte more than that. They had a GOLDEN TICKET!!! The lucky boys had the most AWESOME day sitting on Garda motorcycles, riding a horse, being in a Garda squad car, singing with members of Waterford Fire Service, riding the carousel and Ferris Wheel, and with all the different activities that they were able to do! They even got to meet Anna and Elsa from Frozen!

What a magical day the two 1st Classes had - now you can see photos of all the fun in the gallery below, with a MASSIVE selection of photos!! Thanks to Mrs. Breen and Mr. Lyons for taking these magnificent snaps that really capture the atmosphere of the day. And you can also watch a festive slideshow of the fun that the boys in 1st Class had at Winterval!

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