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Mr. Russell's 5th Class took part in a worldwide art project in March 2018! It was called “Awesome Squiggles”. The project left the boys use lots of imagination. Everyone got a page with 4 lines on it. The only condition was that the lines could not be changed and whatever picture that the boys decided to make had to include the 4 squiggle lines. See our Awesome Squiggles pictures!

The class partnered with Mr. Auslander’s class in Kansas, USA, and shared their Awesome Squiggles pictures. It was great for Mr. Russell's class to connect with Mr. Auslander’s class again, after the two classes had played Dreidel at Christmas when the boys in 5th learned about Hanukkah. The boys and girls in Indiana had been learning about the serious drought and water shortage in South Africa. Many of Mr. Auslander's class drew their Squiggles about Day Zero - that is the day that the water will run out.

Everyone in 5th Class was very impressed at the AWESOME squiggles from Mr. Auslander's class! See some photos from the Skype in the gallery below!

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